How can we help you?

How can Horsham Finance help me?

What service can Horsham Finance provide me with?

Lachlan Hall has over 40 years experience in the Finance industry which enables him to provide fast and reliable decisions on all lending applications. Once applications have been completed we can usually confidently let you know if funding will be approved within 24 hours and have formal approval within 24 to 48 hours.

How do I lodge application with Horsham Finance?

We pride ourselves on our personal service and enjoy the opportunity to call at your farm or business to complete an application with you. This enables us to get a clear understanding of your business operation which in turn assists in gaining prompt approvals for the funding you require.

Why should I deal with Horsham Finance rather than my bank?

Your bankers usually hold a mortgage over your home property which can then be linked to any other lending you do with them. We source funding away from your bank so the item we finance for you secures the lending and is not linked to equity in your home. Many banks fail to understand the need for quick turn around times on vehicle plant & machinery purchases and often fail to provide a quick decision in relation to applications.

Isn't it easiest to have all my lending under one roof?

It is never best to have all your eggs in one basket. All businesses have their ups and downs and if you have all your lending with one company this can make life difficult when things are tight. All payments are deducted via Direct Debit from your bank account so no different dealing with one or twenty lenders when payments are due.

How do I know who to contact if I need details such as payout figures or copies of contracts?

All you need to do is ring us and we will contact the lenders directly for you to obtain any information you require. This save you wasting your valuable time waiting in queues.

What interest rates are available?

Interest rates can vary greatly depending on what item is being funded, age of goods, term of loan etc.
We deal with a panel of lenders which enables us to know which company can provide the most suitable package in relation to goods you are looking to purchase.

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Horsham Finance Pty ltd is a Finance Broking company that can arrange finance for the majority of any business plant, machinery, vehicle and equipment purchases.